Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Memory of Janette Marie Maples

I've created this blog to preserve the memory of Janette Marie Maples, a 15 year old Eugene girl who was maimed and tortured to death allegedly by her own mother and stepfather on 12/9/09.  

Her horrific murder came after years of abuse, including isolation and starvation (she weighed 50 lbs. when paramedics found her) at the hands of the ones who should have been her protectors.  Repeated calls by concerned individuals to the Oregon DHS to report the abuse were not investigated.  She slipped through the cracks in the system.

The story of this precious girl, whose cries went unanswered will be honored at this site not only to remember her, but to bring awareness to the plight that so many of our vulnerable children face every day.

I invite everyone who knew her to participate and share your stories of her life.  If you are a child abuse prevention advocate or concerned citizen please join in the conversation on how we can make changes to prevent another tragedy.

Memorial Service for Janette Marie Maples - Friends shared their memories of Janette, and the officiant read some of her poems and writing:

"The final place I would use my wings to go to is to go really high and even higher to heaven, I would visit the angels and I would visit my grandma Nancy and everyone else in the family ... and after I would go to Hawaii and France and Portugal and the beautiful heaven. I would use my wings to fly home."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping us all to remember Janette.

Rhonda Jo said...

What a beautiful way to remember a beautiful child. I hope she can see, now, how many people love and care about her - strangers.... and I hope it makes her smile.

Rest in peace, baby girl.