Sunday, April 3, 2011


Priscilla Hasselman and Kyla Wetherell are leading The Jeanette Maples Project, a collaboration of school officials, first responders on the case, and their families.

The group has established the Jeanette Maples Memorial Fund at Oregon Community Credit Union to begin raising money for everything from a permanent memorial to community child abuse prevention training to scholarships for Jeanette’s siblings. Eugene attorney Valeri Love is donating her services to register the committee as a nonprofit organization.

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Jeanette Maples Project Facebook Page

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hard truths on abuse

Excellent editorial at The Register Guard -

Rescuing the next Jeanette

Sometimes, the truth really is too hard to bear. Jeanette Marie Maples’ death from abuse and starvation is such a truth.

Count the editors of these pages among the many who were sickened, horrified, appalled — no adjective is sufficient — at reading Register-Guard reporter Karen McCowan’s account of the 15-year-old Jeanette’s torture killing in 2009 at the hands of her mother, Angela Darlene McAnulty.

Nearly a week after McCowan’s story describing the admitted murderer’s interviews with detectives, the terrible images still come swirling and unbidden to mind. Images of a mother who, as McCowan wrote, “spanked, starved and deprived her daughter of medical care, turning Jeanette Marie Maples from a seemingly healthy teen to a battered, infected and skeletal corpse.”

Some readers were offended at such graphic descriptions. ....

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